#2 – Curatorship

1/ Basic curatorship

I read the article about elementary rules of curatorship by Bořivoj Brdička. I found there the tool Flipboard.com and in next step, I try them. Next article which I read was about Seek—Sense—Share Framework.

2/ I chose module the typography window 

3/ New sources

I started by sources in the current course. After that, I recommended to myself education objectives relative to typography:

  • describe typography bugs on the 3 pages of an academic book.
  • find 4 tools for typeset.
  • describe 3 difference between sans and serif and download 3 three slides of each font.

I focused on sources from Czech environment. At the same time, I combined basics with advanced sources from different sources.

4/ Flipboard is the horrible tool!

Why? It is not intuitive. It doesn’t show all pins. And you can’t categorize by tags, just by zins.

I chose it because it looks on the first view like a good application.And you should not pay money, of course. I was so wrong! All in this app is wrong.

But you can see my collection here.

In the next iteration, i want to find the better tool.

5/ Umbr

Look at my experiments in Umbraco


Originale module.

I combined a few variants. I used wiki style when I wanted insert article. For video, I chose an embedded box. I tried button and slide-share.

It was really fun. I’m looking forward to overwriting the page and improving it.

Video next time 😦


6 thoughts on “#2 – Curatorship

  1. Hi! Great midnight work – I think you beat us all! 😀 I really love it – both the Flicker (I would like to hear more about its problems) collection and your KPI presentation. The resources are pretty varied, so I think every student has a chance to find something interesting in it. I also like that you found a way how to use the former KPI structure, but innovated it in a nice way. I was really trying to find some “but”, because it helps to move forward, but I couldn’t. Once again, love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good work, I like that you have also written what tool not to use. 😀 Anyway, I can again see only positive things about your work. As Hanka said before me, it would be more helpful if I say what’s wrong but I cannot find anything.

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  3. Hello Josef,

    I like your Umbraco experiment, it’s nicely structured and easy to understand. 🙂 You did a very good job! 🙂 Maybe just – shouldn´t it be in English? : D I have no experience with Flipboard, but I think it could be a nice app for curation and your collection there is pretty cool. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you very much, it is really cool 🙂
    It is visible that you can think about “learning journey” and you are a great guide. I love the door to the what-is-typography world on Medium, and also another resource you have chosen wisely.

    Do you have a plan for this week? Do you want to change or add something?

    Thank you

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    1. Hi Hanka, thank you for comment.

      I would like to rewrite the whole submodule. But in Czech.
      I want to create the module more readable and more targeted to the user.

      And I will prepare for video week.


  5. (Btw. maybe only one thing – keep in mind the purpose, the goal. Our students are not thinking about a career in design. They need to know how to create good documents, at the beginning.)

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